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About us:
What is the Charlie campaign?

Launched in October 2022, our campaign's primary goal is to construct a statue of local Oxfordshire hero Charlie Hutchison (1918-1993) in Oxford city center. This project is a collaboration between Charlie Hutchison's surviving family, local Oxford residents, and the Oxford International Brigade Memorial Committee.


This will not only be the first statue commemorating a black person ever erected in Oxford, but also the city's first public holocaust memorial. We plan to construct a humble human statue sitting on a concrete bench, a design starkly contrasting with Oxford's existing statues of powerful men erected in tall buildings looking down upon the people.

Although the erection of a statue is our primary goal, we have also worked with historians to create a biography of Charlie Hutchison with the Museum of Oxford and curate an archive to both preserve historical documents and open his history to researchers. We are happy to have people reach out to us with ideas for new projects and collaborations.

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